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~Virtual Recruiter Job

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My name is Kerry Spry. I'm the President and CEO of | BWP of Atlanta, Inc. We are the official talent acquisitions partner of Blue World Pools, Inc. and Global Sun Pools, Inc. and I've got an exciting opportunity for motivated professionals from your area that would like to immediately AVG. $1,800-$3,000 PER WEEK in the "easy to learn, easy to earn" recruiting business.

  • ABOUT US: We are an Atlanta based virtual recruiting company that’s successfully been in business since 2006.

  • QUICK OVERVIEW: I know you've seen it all and heard it all before. You've heard all the broken promises. You've heard all the bait and switches a thousand times. Companies that promise a "great opportunity" but want your hard-earned money before you can get started. And by now you're sick of it all. All you want to do is earn a living and an income that affords you the opportunity to enjoy your life and do more for yourself and for your family than just pay bills and get by. I know because I've been there before myself and I know exactly how it feels, which is why the first thing I want to do is separate myself and my company by saying, "this is not any of that at all, not even close". This is a real contract position and a real job where you can make great money fast. And we will never ask for any money for any reason ever!!! So leave your concerns behind and focus on what you're about to read.

  • JOB DESCRIPTION: If you're offered a contract to work with us, your job would be to work from your home or virtual office to find and hire sales representatives, who live in any one of our clients 90 sales markets nationwide, to work with our client in outside sales on a salary plus commission basis.

  • ABOUT YOUR PAY: Virtual Recruiters are paid $300.00 plus bonuses for every new sales representative hired that simply graduates from training class and runs just two appointments. Once they've graduated from training and have run just two appointments you get paid. Again, AVG. $1,800-$3,000 PER WEEK!!! Our average recruiter hires 6-10 new sales representatives per week. I also have recruiters who hire 15-20 new sales representatives per week times $300.00 per hire!!! Does that sound like the kind of money you want to be making?

  • NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: If you do not have any recruiting experience, that's not a problem. We will teach you what you need to know. But your job as a Virtual Recruiter is simply giving people a job for a living. It's really that easy!!!

  • NEXT STEPS: If this position sounds like it's a good fit for you and you're ready to get started making money immediately just click the "APPLY NOW" button below and then fill out the Recruiters Application. From there, you'll be emailed the Recruiters Training Packet and Test. Next, study the training packet and take the open book "Recruiters Test" that will be included in your training packet. If you score a 95% or better on that test, you'll be making great money with us within 2-business days as a Virtual Recruiter.

Look, this is not one of those useless gimmicks that are found all over social media and being spammed to your inbox every day. We've been in business at the same address in Atlanta, GA. since 2006. And we're one of the highest rated employers on mainstream job boards worldwide. We're also partnered with brands like Microsoft, FOX, NBC, ABC, and many others. And our top recruiter really averages $30,000 per month!!! So it's time for you to get serious and get focused right now!!! This is the real deal! And the steps you'll need to take to get started will happen quickly! So you will need to be able to read and understand everything you've just read as well as our onboarding process and immediately be ready to take each step towards getting started before hiring for this position ends. I wish you all the best and look forward to working with you all.

Kerry Spry
President and CEO | BWP of Atlanta, Inc.

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